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  • arch skylights
  • saddle skylights
  • shed skylights
  • desk skylights
  • spot-type
  • reconstruction of old skylights

CIPI , s.r.o. produces and delivers into the market the skylights making possible for daylight to penetrate into a building. Openable parts may be installed into the skylights for daily ventilation (i.e. ventlights) , venting the rooms underneath.

The skylights are fixed on roof cladding by means of skylight frames of various heights above the level of the roof cladding. Heat insulation is inserted into the frames , and everything is enclosed by hydroinsulation strips or plumbing elements ensuring water-tightness.

We offer various versions :

  • Skylights with sight width from 1.2 to 6 m x length ( unlimited)
  • Skylights with possibility of snow load (SL) from 0.5 to 4.0kN/m2 – including structural analysis.
  • Skylights with ventlights controlled with electric servo-drive or pneumatic –drive with possibility of connecting to rain-wind central control, self-closing in case of adverse weather.
  • Skylights with the possibility of integrating equipment for smoke and heat exhaust in case of fire – skylight modification for integration

Skylight construction :

  • Skylight construction is made of certified pressed aluminium sections designed in the following shades: natural aluminium, anodized aluminium , colour shade within RAL shade range
  • Lighting or glazing material are cellular polycarbonate sheets of a thickness from 10mm to 25mm with heat transfer coefficient U from 3.0 Wm2K to U = 1.4W m2K , opal, clear , bronze shades etc.
  • Polycarbonate sheets with IRM filter - Confort, Solar Control, IQ – infrared radiation filtration
  • Daily ventilation is secured by openable parts by means of pneumatic or electric drives.

Cost saving

In construction - because of the fact that applied material (polycarbonate, aluminium) are significantly lighter than conventional glazing made of steel and wire-glass or glass and this results in lower roof structure load and therefore roof construction costs are reduced. The combination of aluminium structure and polycarbonate is also less financially demanding than the aluminium and glass combination.

In lighting - after installing a skylight a better light transmittance into room occurs. When using milky shade, i.e. opal polycarbonate, light diffuses optimally , dazzling effect is prevented , and the overheating of interior by sunlight is reduced.

In maintenance - because skylight supporting structure is made of aluminium sections the operation is almost maintenance-free. In case of arch skylights with polycarbonate sheets the maintenance is self-cleaning because impurities are washed away by rain.

Guarantee periond - service

Guarantee period – our company has a clearly defined quality mission resulting in our guarantee periods we provide for our customers. We provide guarantee periods for the delivery and installation 5 to 7 years , up to 10 years for polycarbonate glazing for all skylights glazed with cellular polycarbonates . We want clearly to prove to our customers by this commitment that the investment they entrusted to us has a clear base and lifetime. We provide guarantee services within 48 hours from defect reporting..


date: 2019-05-21

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