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Reconstruction of skylgits

We are able to reconstruct old buildings – halls and their roofs , where huge heat losses and water leaking into building interior through old roof cladding and old skylights occur, and therefore their reconstruction is needed. We are able to support the whole process by means of thermotechnical and light technical calculations of savings for heating and lighting.

In 1980th wire-glass or glass were used as glazing material, but they currently do not meet the requirements for heat losses . The difference in heat transfer coefficient U, e.g. for wire-glass , 6-7 mm thick is U = 7,0 Wm2k, and for polycarbonate it is e.g.. AKYVER thickness 20/7 U= 1,55Wm2k , they do not meet lighting requirements as well as safety regulations because conventional glass breaks into small dropping fractions endangering occupational safety. Therefore, polycarbonate sheets or safety glass are used to meet these requirements. With respect to their low weight , excellent insulating characteristics and unbreakability they are suitable for the reconstruction of older skylights.

Skylight reconstruction includes the following variants:

  • Complete replacement of old skylights with a new construction including polycarbonate glazing.
  • Replacement of glass sheets , replacement with polycarbonate sheets while the original construction is kept.

The reconstruction also includes as follows:

  • Thermal insulation and insulation of supporting frame for a new skylight by means of roofing foil
  • Removal of existing saddle skylights
  • Transport and disposal of waste.


date: 2019-05-21

Name day of: Zina

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