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Glazing of facades

Glazing of facades or vertical glazing is used mostly for industrial buildings and civil engineering . We use system glazing and non-system glazing for this type of glazing. The difference between these two types is that the system glazing is used for new buildings and the non-system glazing is used for 90% of existing buildings as a replacement of the existing glazing. We offer, deliver , and install ventilation parts with electric or mechanic ventilation for both systems of facade glazing.


The advantages of polycarbonate glazing:

The advantage of both types of glazing over typical glazing with glass or vacuum glass is price, and that polycarbonate is unbreakable , and we are able to deliver various shades of glazing with minimum extra charges.
Disadvantages: unknown


System glazing:

Our company delivers and installs two types on the market, as follows: AKYVER Panel® and RODECA Panel®. Both systems function on a similar principle , i.e. clips system when two polycarbonate panels are connected side by side by means of tongue and groove . The system is very simple and fast for installation. The installation needs to have only an opening which is bordered from inside or from outside of the opening by means of supporting U-sections to insert polycarbonate panel. Panels are 600 or 500 mm wide in a length of max. up to 12 m provided that possible reinforcing against wind load (WL) is made with anchoring elements that are inserted into tongue and groove , and they are connected by means of horizontal stiffeners fixed in the supporting columns of the building. Both systems have static tables to calculate necessity of anchors and of additional reinforcement by means of horizontal supports from inside. Example: A panel 2 m high does not need any additional anchoring up to 20 m height of the installation. We deliver the panels of a thickness of 40-50 mm with heat transfer coefficient U from 1,7 to 0,8Wm2k.

In case a ventilation in facade is required we also deliver and install ventilation system parts controlled with electric drive

Non-system glazing:

Our company has got a lot of experience of glazing existing facades, originally glazed with glass or wire-glass. For this type of glazing there is an obvious difference in the heat transfer coefficient U, U = 7,0 Wm2k for wire-glass and glass, and for polycarbonate e.g. AKYVER thickness 20/7 U= 1,55Wm2k . For this type of glazing, we use an existing steel construction with existing raster as anchoring base on which polycarbonate plates are fixed by means of pressing bars . A wide range of polycarbonate plates of a thickness from 10 mm up to 25 mm may be used for this system. For such thickness, we deliver aluminium accessories with rubber sealing , namely U-sections, U-sill sections , pressing bars, etc. We deliver and install this glazing also for new buildings in industry especially for glazing shed skylights.


date: 2019-05-21

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