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Glazing of arched constructions

Glazing of arched constructions - there are various types of constructions , possibly even with larger slope. It is necessary to make a supporting arched construction of steel or aluminium sections that have to create a raster to fix polycarbonate. The advantage of this construction over the flat construction is a better static moment characteristics resulting in a lower total weight of the supporting construction that means cost saving in practice. In recent years this type of construction has been given enough priority in terms of price and architecture. Structural analyzes for snow load and wind load (SL and WL) is self-evident for the supporting construction as well as for polycarbonate glazing.

This type of glazing is mostly used for: roof skylights, football stadium platform glazing, glazing of building entrances, roofing of loading platforms, bus stops, roofing of petrol stations, roofing of shopping centres parking areas, etc.



date: 2019-05-21

Name day of: Zina

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