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Arch skylights

The arch skylights are intended for the installation on flat roof or slightly sloped roof , and they are installed on a roof opening or an opening provided with a flange or frame. The construction is made of arched aluminium ribs with side base profiles. Polycarbonate is placed on the prepared basic grid made of ribs , and a pressure tensioning bar is placed on polycarbonate at the point of rib . The pressure tensioning bar is inserted into base profiles and it is tensioned by means of metric screws on both ends though a thread , and thus the self- releasing of polycarbonate is prevented.

The benefit from this application is cost saving for energy, maintenance and care for working environment.

This type is very suitable also in the reconstruction of older saddle skylights of steel construction type glazed with wire glass or glass. For this skylight type the polycarbonate plates are not drilled though when installing them , and this is a fundamental prerequisite in order not to damage polycarbonate structure.


date: 2019-05-21

Name day of: Zina

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