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Anti-noise walls

In addition to their primary function to protect the environment, in particular absorption and reduction of noise from transport in residential areas adjacent to the road or railway the anti-noise walls help to form the locality they are implemented.

The anti-noise wall consists of foundations, supporting and panel elements. The supporting elements are mostly steel columns anchored in concrete foundations by means of mechanical anchors or chemically-bonded anchors. The panel is made of shaped bricks of transparent or non-transparent material designed always so to be suitable for given type of environment. The panels are placed between columns of various profiles and material and they are sized based on the structural analysis. .

We deliver and install anti-noise walls divided according to applied panel material:

  • PHS transparent – steel construction with panels based on methacrylate and polycarbonate PMMA, PMMA XT, GS, GSCC, PC
  • PHS non-transparent - aluminium panels with absorptive filler - one-side – two-side absorptive; without absorptive filling as reflection panels,
  • PHS non-transparent –all-wood panels with absorptive filling, made of wood chips and cement


date: 2019-05-21

Name day of: Zina

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